ARKON* is a chemically stable hydrophobic colourless thermo-plastic. It has low molecular weight and viscosity, and a high Tg, which makes it very compatible, and suitable for numerous applications as outlined in the table below.

Application End Product
(Hot-Melt Adhesives &
Hot-Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)
Book Binding
Sanitary Goods
(Pressure Sensitive Adhesives)
Sanitary Goods
Plastic Modifier BOPP Films
Shrink Films
Synthetic Paper
Moulded Plastic


Hot-Melt Adhesives & Hot-Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (HMA & HMPSA)

Solvent-free systems represent a significant segment in the adhesive market. Water-borne adhesives, HMA and HMPSA are commonly considered as a substitute for solvent-based adhesives. ARKON* hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin is often the tackifier of choice, due to its excellent thermal stability and wide compatibility.

ARKON* is often used as a tackifier for adhesives in sanitary goods, such as diapers and feminine care napkins. Its outstanding performance is supported by the excellent compatibility with various elastomers, its water-white colour and lack of odour.

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

ARKON* has been designed as a tackifier for PSA tape, based on natural or synthetic rubber. Good solubility with various solvents, outstanding tackifying properties and stability of ARKON* contribute to the PSA formulation.

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Plastic Modifier

ARKON* can improve physical and optical properties of polyolefin films such as stiffness, clarity, printability and gas barrier.

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ARKON* Products

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